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If you're looking for a passionate digital marketer, coffee and craft beer connoisseur, musician, audiophile, family man, public speaker, book worm, technology nerd, dog lover and avid traveler, you've found your guy… Let’s do business, collaborate on a new idea, attend a local Meetup, enjoy some live music or grab a cup of joe. Surf through my site in the meantime to get a feel for my experience, expertise and things we’ll be able to do together.
Nice to meet you

Full NameChristian Kratsas

Lives inPittsburgh, PA

A bit about me

I'm a digital marketing machine powered by coffee, music, and creative ideas. I specialize in content marketing, social media strategy and WordPress development with 4 years of B2B marketing experience at startups. I'm a big thinker, tastemaker, and a creative at heart that's big on collaboration.

Notes, Strings & Beats

As a digital marketing maestro by day (and sometimes by night), I’m consumed wholeheartedly in music and technology by night (and sometimes by day). My digital and vinyl music library is (almost) Smithsonian-sized and my live show roster is epic.

Collecting and playing the soul out of vintage guitar gear is my passion. Check out my Instagram account @tone_co for a sneak peek. I’m proud to say that my band, Razznewtons, consists of longtime childhood friends. One of these days I’ll get my own momentum going with a technology-musician-infused software company. You’ll see...

I like turning pages

Turning pages in life can be just as satisfying as turning pages in a good book. And when I say pages, I mean paper and ink not glowing screens. Even though I'm a techie nerd, there's nothing like good old shelf-dwelling books. I’m uber into Seth Godin and Hunter S. Thompson among many others.

Some of my favorite books include The Four Hour Work Week, Purple Cow, Hell’s Angels, Life, The Hunger Games Series, Tribes, The Icarus Deception, The Startup of You, Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Traveling inspires me and fuels my creativity. I can’t stand to stay put for so long when this world has so many magical places to offer.

I do whatever it takes to discover someplace new. Traveling is truly one of the best forms of inspiration. When I visit someplace awe-inspiring, it makes my heart beat faster...